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OPM CDs for Sale Part 2

Part 2

Imago Probably Not But Most Definitely        
Imelda Papin I Love You
Imelda Greatest Hits Re-Issue Series
Imelda Papin Puso sa Puso 2-Disc      500
Imelda Papin Sabik Special Collectors Edition
Ina Raymundo Touch Me Where Its Hot
Introvoys Greatest Hits Live
Isabella Identity          500
Isabella Ortega The Bossa Nova Experience       250
Isabella Ortega Another Bossa Nova Experience      250
Isabella Ortega More Bossa Nova Experience       250
Isabella Ortega Bossa Nova Experience Live!        250
Ivy Violan Silver Series         
Iya Villania Finally     350
Jacky Woo Naroon Pa Rin       
Jaco Ako Naman
Jacob Naghihintay           
Jahred If by Chance Nandito Ka
Jaime Barcelon Lead Me To Love     
Jake Vargas Ngiti     
Jam Disciples s/t     
Jamie Rivera At her Best     
Jamie Rivera Seasons CD+ VCD Jewel Edition
Jamie Rivera Seasons CD + VCD Booklet Edition
Jam Morales On the Move Re-Issue Series        450
Janelle Jamer Drive       
Janelle Lucky Girl     
Janno Gibbs Silver Series       
Janno Gibbs Seven Special Edition CD+VCD         
Janno Gibbs Little Boy          
Janno Gibbs s/t Vicor Music 40th Anniversary Collection       350
Janno Gibbs Divas & I CD+VCD       500
Jasmine Fitzgerald Rewind        250
Jason Farol s/t with bonus track “When the Love is Gone”       250
Jason Fernandez Panimula (of Rivermaya)       350   
Jason Hernandez Bukod Tangi        250
Jaya Real Love Stories
Jaya Cool Change Minus One
Jaya All Souled Out
Jaya 18 Greatest Hits         450
Jaya Five CD+VCD      500
Jaya Fall In Love Again          350
Jaya Kung Kailan Pasko         500
Jay Durias Songs I Grew Up With       350
Jay Perillo s/t        250
Jay R Christmas Away From Home (Digipack)
Jay R Gameface      350
Jay R s/t
The JB Band Soul Music Specialists
J Brothers Pasaway      
JC De Vera Stellar
Jeans Loose Fit (Jericho Rosales)
Jed Madela Only Human Repackaged Edition
Jed Madela Songs Rediscovered 2 The Ultimate OPM Playlist 2-Disc
Jed Madela The Classics Album (Booklet Edition)
Jeffrey Hidalgo ‘05    450
Jel Believer
Jennifer Bautista Hello
Jennifer Cuneta Dreaming of Love      
Jennifer Uy Talk Stories        250
Jennylyn Mercado Ultimate Expanded Edition
Jennylyn Mercado Love Is      350
Jensen Gomez Umpisa
Jericho s/t        350
Jericho Rosales Korona
Jericho Rosales Change
Jerome John Hughes We Could Be in Love        250    
Jessa Zaragoza Sings The Great Musical Icons 2-Disc          
Jessa Zaragoza The Ultimate OPM Collection       
Jhego aka Felix Bakat        350
Jhego aka Felix Bakat Noypi      
Jigsaw s/t
Jimmy Bondoc Last Year’s Christmas
Jimmy Marquez By My Side      250
Jimmy Marquez s/t       
Jinky s/t (of  Freestyle )        350
JM De Guzman Tensionado
JM De Guzman s/t Special Edition       350
Jo Anne Lorenzana s/t Re-Issue Series        450
Joaqui The Jazzanova Project      350
Joel Mendoza Pakinggan Mo Ako
Joey Albert Songs of the Heart      500
Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad Mga Awit ng Tanod Lupa      
Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad Magkabilaan         350
Joey Ayala Panganay ng Umaga      350
Joey De Leon Joey to The World 2   
Joey De Leon Joey to The World Tough Hits     
Joey De Leon Kagat Labi         350
Joey G of (Side A) Stand      500
John Prats The Dance Floor Dynamite      
Jolina Magdangal Destiny       350
Jolina Magdangal Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Awit       
Jolina Forever       
Jolina Magdangal Sings The Masters…………………………sold
Jolly Beans Apir Tayo Pataas Pababa Christmas Medley
Jolly Peeps Whoops Kirri Merry Christmas
Jonalyn Viray on My Own CD+VCD       ……………………………………SOLD!!!
Jose & Wally Try Mo Lang       500
Josellana Jose
Jose Mari Chan The Songs Of The Manhattan Connection       
Jovit Baldivino OPM’s Greatest
Juana Misbehavior       
Juan Dela Cruz Band 18 Greatest Hits          ……...sold
Juan dela Cruz Maskara Re-Issue Series     
Juan dela Cruz Band Himig Natin Re-Issue Series        450
Juan dela Cruz Band Himig Natin Special Collectors Edition      
Juaquin s/t
Judy Ann Santos Musika ng Buhay Ko
Julie Ann San Jose s/t (jewel case)     
Jun Polistico 18 Greatest Hits          350
Jun Pulistico Silver Series       350
K 24/7 s/t
Kamikazee Long Time Noisy
Karylle The Songbook (2-Disc)
Karylle You Make Me Sing Special Edition     450
Karylle You Make Me Sing       350
Karylle Time to Shine       350
Katya Santos Katya
Kawago Kaibigan       
KC Concepcion KC First Pressed Journal Edition       650
KC Concepcion a.k.a. Cassandra First Pressed       500
Keahiwai Falling      
Kean Cipriano (Callalily) and Eunice Happy Together A Trip Down Memory Lane      350
Kean Cipriano (Callalily) / BBS ctrl+alt+delete+restart   
Kelsey Adams Definition of Cool  
Kenjhons Matinik         250
Kenyo Maharlika        350
Kenyo Radiosurfing        350
Khalil Ramos s/t        
Khuattro Ride the Rocket
Kim Chiu Gwa Ai Di        350
Kimpoy Feliciano CD+DVD
Kitchie Nadal s/t Special Limited Edition CD +VCD       650
Kitchie Nadal Drama Queen with free Guitar Pick Card        500
Kitchie Nadal Love ko’to CD Single
Kitty Girls s/t     
Kjwan 13 Seconds to Love      
Kollide s/t
Kris Aquino Blessings of Love        500
Kris Aquino and Baby James We Are One 2-Disc       500
Kris Aquino The Ultimate Gift Collection Limited Edition 2-Disc       Php1000
Kris Lawrence Spread The Love     
Krissy & Ericka Twelve: Fifty One      
Krissy & Ericka s/t     
Kuh Ledesma & Zsa Zsa Padilla Diva 2 Diva (digipack)
Kuh Ledesma & Zsa Zsa Padilla Diva 2 Diva (jewel case)
Kuh Ledesma 18 Greatest Hits        ………..sold
Kuh Ledesma Ako Ay Pilipino Special Collectors Edition De Luxe 2-Disc        650
Kuh Ledesma Silver Series      
Kuh Ledesma Till I Met You
Kuh Ledesma Ako Ay Pilipino Vol. 2 Special Collectors Edition
Kuh Ledesma Ako Ay Pilipino Vol. 1 Special Collectors Edition
Kuh Ledesma A Long Long Time Ago Special Collectors Edition
Kuh Ledesma Dito ba Special Collectors Edition
Kyla Essence of Soul The Hits Collection Minus One 2-Disc
Kyla Private Affair
Kyla HeartSongs Deluxe Edition 3-Disc         1000
Kyla Heart to Heart CD+Minus One
Kyla Heartfelt Minus One Autographed CD
Kyla Heartfelt
Kyla Beautiful Days       
Kyla I Will Be Here
Kyla Not Your Ordinary Girl Special Edition CD +AVCD
Kyla Not Your Ordinary Girl Autographed CD
Kyla Way to your Heart
Kyla s/t
KZ Tandingan Signed CD
Laarni Lozada s/t Signed CD
Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Latin Festival Ballroom Dancing        250
Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Encore       250
Lady Valerie & her Orchestra Ballroom Dancing        250
Lala Stars s/t with Christian  Bautista        
Lani Misalucha Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection       650
Lani MisaLucha 18 Greatest Hits         …………………………………………SOLD!!!     
Lani MisaLucha Live Volume 1&2 (Digipack)              650
Lani Misalucha The Crossover Live Tour II        350
Lani Misalucha Silver Series      350
Lani Misalucha Loving You (jewel case)      
Lani Misalucha Loving You (digipack)
Lani Misalucha All Heart
Lani Misalucha Tunay Na Mahal      
Lara Cuevas Sana Minsan Pa         250    
Lara Cuevas This Moment            250
Larry Marshall Katawang Kano Pusong Pinoy
Lea Navarro Leah at Pag-ibig Re-Issue Series           450
Lea Navarro s/t Re-Issue Series
Lea Salonga Cinderella
Lea Salonga Baby Musical      1000
Lea Salonga Flower Drum Song
Lea Salonga The Ultimate OPM Collection        
Lei s/t
Letter Day Story Sama-Sama       350
Letter Day Story LDS Breakaway EP       350
Lica All I Want To Be
Liezel Garcia s/t
Lilac I’ll be with you
Lindsay Custudio My First
Lito Camo Ako Naman       450
Lloyd Mara Lloydmara        450
Lokomotiv Rock N Roll Death Toll        350
Los Latinos Latin Ballroom Fiesta
Lou Bonnevie Only Human      350
Louie Heredia Can Find No Reason 3-Disc Set
Louie Heredia Nag-iisang Ikaw Special Collectors Edition
Louie Heredia Una at Huling Mamahalin
Love Anover s/t     
Lovi Poe The Best Of My Heart     
Luke Mejares (South Border) Kasayaw      350
Lyle Jenkins on Sax
Maja Salvador In Love with Calendar      
Maja Salvador Believe
Mak and the Dudes Oldies But Kiddies       
Malay Your Year      350
Maldita s/t 
Manilyn Reynes Once More
Manny Pacquiao Para Sayo ang Laban Na’to       500
Mano Mano Ladies First
Marc Logan Mga Kwentong Kanta ni        
Marco Sison Silver Series       
Maria Aragon s/t     
Marian Rivera Retro Crazy CD+VCD        350
Marian Rivera Dance Hits CD+VCD          500
Maricris Garcia Mahal Kita……………………………………………………….SOLD!!!
Marielle s/t (Lilet)
Marion Aunor s/t
Mariz Naaalala Ko Pa
Mark Alain s/t
Mark Bautista The Sound of Love       250
Mark Bautista Nagmamahal        250
Mark Bautista I’ll be the One       250
Mark Bautista Dream On Expanded Edition       250
Mark Bautista Dream On CD Lite      250
Mark Bautista Every Now & Then Autographed CD
Mark Bautista Every Now & Then          250
Mark Bautista s/t             350
Mark Herras The Greatest Moves CD & VCD       350
Mark Herras Dance Hits
Mark Herras Dance Party       
Marri Nallos The Crystal Voice of Asia       
Marri Nallos Destiny      250
Martha Joy s/t            
Marin Nievera As Always Journal Edition
Martin Nievera Ikaw Ang Pangarap Minus One
Martin Nievera Awit ng Puso Minus One
Martin Nievera Best Wishes A Wedding Love Song Collection Minus One
Martin Nievera Best Wishes A Wedding Love Song Collection
Martin Nievera Miracle Re-Issue Series        450
Martin Nievera  A Martin Nievera Christmas       350
Martin Nievera Be My Lady Special Collectors Edition        450
Martin Nievera Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin Special Collectors Edition         450
Martin Nievera The Discography 3-Disc      1000
Marvin Ong Sigaw ng Puso Ko       250
Marvin Ong s/t       
Masculados Nakaka      
Masculados s/t       
Mau Marcelo On My Own CD EP
Max Surban 18 Greatest Hits       350
Max Surban s/t
Max Surban Nabali Ang Krismas Tri      250
Max Surban Gutay Gutay na ang Puso Ko 40th Anniversary       250
Max Surban Super Medley 2 Re-Issue Series        250
Max Surban Medley of Popular Hit Songs Re-Issue Series        250
Max Surban Kinabuhing Driver       250
Mayonnaise Pula        350
Mayonnaise Tersera        350
The Members s/t          
Menchu Apostol Silver Series        350
Metafour  CD+AVCD       350
MGage Tanging Ikaw       250
Michael Angelo Wish
Michael Pangilinan s/t
Michael V The Bubble G Anthology CD+DVD
Michael V The Ultimate OPM Collection
Miguel Aguila s/t (Viva)        250
Miguel Aguila s/t (Warner)    
Miguel Escueta I Am ME Amplified CD+ AVCD       500
Miguel Escueta I Am Me       
Mike Chan (Sabado Boys) Let Me In
Mike Chan (Sabado Boys) I Need Your Love
Mike Hanopol 18 Greatest Hits        450
Mike Hanopol Lagablab
Miki That Vibe       250
Miki Hahn Intimately Acoustic       250
MJ Cayabyab Larawang Kupas      
MMJ Daleng Dale        250
Mocha Girls Deliciosa
Mocha The New Dance Craze Patcha       
Mocha (Mocha Girls) A Taste of My Love
Mojofly The 2 in 1 Series
The Mongols Buddhas Pest       Php2500
Monique Rae All Up to Me
Moonstar88 This Year       350
The Morning Episodes Never Felt So Alive        350
Moymoy Palaboy Uploaded CD+DVD       500
Mulatto Journey of Soul      
Myke Salomon Homework        350
MYMP The High Five Collection 2-Disc       ………………………..sold
MYMP Beyond Acoustic
MYMP Version         
My Odessa s/t
Myrtle Now Playing
Myrus The Sentimental Prince of OPM Wanted Just Alive
Myrus Love Cycle      
Mystica I Got the Power
Nancy Jane (Nancy Castiglione) NJ      
Neocolours The Best of Emerge        450
Nerveline Anesthesia       
Never The Strangers s/t
The New Minstrels Silver Series
Ney Dimaculangan of 6cyclemind DMAC          350
Nikki Bacolod Not that Kind of Girl       350
Nikki Bacolod In Full Bloom
Nikki Gil Somebody to Love        350
Nikki Gil Hear My Heart          350
Nikki Gil s/t Special Edition CD + AVCD      350
Nina & Christian Bautista Love to Love, Acoustic Love Songs      500
Nina All Good      350
Nina Stay Alive          350
Nina Diamond Greatest Hits 2002-2010 Four-Disc       Php2500
Nina sings The Hits of Diane Warren Double Disc      500
Nina feat. The Hits of BarryManilow Special Limited Edition 2-Disc      500
Nina s/t         350
Nina in The Mix The Dense Modesto Remixes          500
Nina Live Autographed CD……………………………..SOLD!!!
Nina Live        ……………………………SOLD!!!
Nina Smile      350
Nina 1st album Special Edition      500
Nino Alejandro All I Can Give You
Noel Cabangon Throwback Ang Songbuk ng APO First Pressed (jewel case)      
Noel Cabangon Panaginip             350
Noelle Cassandra s/t
Noel Milan Again and Againo
Nonoy Zuniga Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection...........sold
Nonoy Zuniga Silver Series        
Nonoy Zuniga The Love Album        450
Nonoy Zuniga Collection Init sa Magdamag        350
Nonoy Zuniga Collection Never Ever Say Goodbye       350
Nonoy Zuniga Collection Kumusta Ka        350
Nora Aunor Handog ni Guy Live      350
Nora Aunor Superstar 3-Disc Set       1000
Nora Aunor Superstar Ng Buhay Ko Special Collectors Edition      350
Ntwine s/t
Nyoy Volante In You
Nyoy Volante & Mannos Umagang Kay Ganda Special Collectors Edition De Luxe 2-Disc     500
Nyoy Volante & Mannos OPM Klasiks      350
Nyoy Volante & Mannos NY & M      350
Nyoy Volante Heartstrings         350
Nyoy Volante Now Hear This        350    
Nyoy Volante Youre My You EP
Oblaxz Ang Testamento
Oblaxz Forever
Odette Quesada Sayo Pa Rin
Ogie Alcasid Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection       650
Ogie Alcasid 18 Greatest Hits Volume Two         350
Ogie Alcasid 18 Greatest Hits      350
Ogie Alcasid Lumilipad Jewel Case Edition      350
Ogie Alcasid Lumilipad Digipack Edition
Ogie Alcasid Greatest Hits An Audio Visual Anthology CD+VCD      500
Ogie Alcasid I Am Singer       
Ogie Alcasid Mga Kwento ng Pag-ibig      350
Ogie Alcasid OA Sa Hits Live 2-Disc
Ogie Alcasid A Better Man    350
Ogie Alcasid The Ultimate OPM Collection       
Ogie Alcasid 10th All The Best
Ogie Alcasid Movie Moments
The Oktaves s/t          
Olivia Sweetest Vice      250
Olivia Fall In Love With      
Olivia A Girl meets Bossanova 2     
Opera Belles
Orange & Lemons Moonlane Gardens       350
Orient Pearl Pagbabalik          …………sold
P4 Power Four
Pabs Dadivas Hare Krishna Haribol Re-Issue Series
Paolo Santos How Sweet It Is    
Paolo Santos Back to Basics CD+ Minus One        500
Paolo Santos Rites of Passage       
Paolo Santos Wave Sessions 2           
Paolo Santos Wave Sessions              
Paraluman In Lab       350
Paramita Liyab           
Paramita Tala       
Paramita s/t
Parokya Ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol. 1       ……………………………………SOLD!!!
Part III
Patricia Javier s/t
Paula Bianca s/t     250
Paulo Avelino s/t       250
Pedicab Kaya mo Magsando?      
Pedicab Tugish Takish 2-Disc      
Philip Mahoney Into the Sun
Philippine Brass Band Victory Marches
Philippine Brass Band Christmas Album
Philippine Brass Band Philippine Music
Philippine Folk Dance Music Volume 1-10 Set
The Philippine Madrigal Singers Around The World       
The Philippine National Folk Dance Company Sayaw at Himig
Philippine Rondalla Philippine Folk Dances
Philippine Rondalla Sayaw Philippine Folk Dances
Pido Alone But Never Alone
Pilita Corrales Philippine Love Songs (2014 issue)   
Pilita Corrales Christmas Special
Pilita Corales Silver Series      350
Pilita Corrales The Story of Christmas      350
Pilita Corrales Philippine Love Songs Volume 2 Re-Issue Series
Pilita Corrales Philippine Love Songs Re-Issue Series      350
Pilita Corrales Remembering Levi Celerio      350
Pilita Corrales A Song For You Special Collectors Edition      350
Pilita Corrales Kapantay Ay Langit Special Collectors Edition
Pilita Corrales Pagsapit ng Pasko      350
Pilita Corrales Maalaala Mo Kaya
Pio Dukha        250
Piolo Pascual Decades III Best of OPM    500
Piolo Pascual Decades II (BDO Edition) AVCD   
Piolo Pascual Renditions sings Louie Ocampo       500
Piolo Pascual Platinum Hits   
Piolo Pascual My Gift Hong Kong Edition
Piolo Pascual My Gift Philippines Edition
Playgirls Rated PG (Version 2)
Playgirls Rated PG (Version 1)
Pokwang Ang Album na may Puso      
Popgirls Jumpstart
Popgirls s/t Special Edition      250
Popgirls s/t feat. Nadine Lustre      250
Pops Fernandez When Words Are Not Enough
Pops Fernandez Silver Series        350
Pops Fernandez Don’t Say Goodbye 40th Anniversary Collection      350
Pops Fernandez Shindig Live 2-Disc    
Princess Velasco Acoustic OPM       250
Princess Velasco Acoustic Princess II        250
Princess Velasco Acoustic Princess          250
Princess Velasco Addicted to Acoustic 2      250
Pricess Velasco Addicted To Acoustic Christmas Edition        250
Pricess Velasco Addicted To Acoustic          250
Project A Endless Road (Joey G of Side A)     
Protein Shake s/t       500
Pupil Beautiful Machines Signed CD         Php750
Pure Instinct s/t

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