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OPM CDs for Sale Part 1

Reminder: Not all OPM CDs are available in the store. Please, have it reserve or confirm 1st before picking it up.
Updated as of May 2017 (were now located at PU JEXEL Store, 4th Floor Farmers Mall Cubao)
All original & brand new or as stated.
Contact 09255333739

1017 Ten Seventeen    250     
1:43 Sa Isang Sulyap Mo
17:28 Cozy        
2nd Nvelop Band Edsa II Ooops! We Dit It Again!
3AM s/t
604 Six O Four Bringin It      
6Cyclemind  Project 6       350
6Cyclemind  Fiesta CD+DVD          
6 Cycle Mind Home Autographed CD
6Cyclemind Panorama           
9th Avenue s/t         250
Aaron Right Next To Me      
Aegis Paskung-Pasko       
After Image Our Place Under The Sun       350
Agot Isidro Silver Series         
Aiza Seguerra Greatest Hits Gift Box 3-Disc Collection
Aiza Seguerra Perhaps Love      …………………………………………SOLD!!!
Aiza Seguerra 18 Greatest Hits         350
Aiza Seguerra Open Arms     
Aiza Seguerra Covers Uncovered         350  
Aiza Seguerra Afirst! Live in Concert  (digipack)        350
Aiza Seguerra Afirst! Live in Concert (jewel)         350
Aiza Seguerra Sabi ng Kanta       350
Aiza Seguerra Pinakamamahal         350  
Aiza Seguerra 25th of December (digipack)        350
Aiza Seguerra 25th of December (jewel case)       350 
Aiza Seguerra Pagdating ng Panahon Minus One
Aiza Seguerra Pagdating ng Panahon      350
Ajka Undefined  
Alden Richards  s/t   
Aleck Bovick Prinsesa       250
Alexis Arimunding-munding        250
Allan K Ang Ganda Ganda Ko
Alvin Nunez Piano
Alynna Someone Like Me
Amber Davis FilAm       250
Amber Davis Feel Good Music        250
Amy Cruz No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Do
Andrew E 18 Greatest Hits         500
Andrew E Clean         350
Andrew E Forno Daw                       
Andrew E Live First Philippine Rap Olympics Parts 1&2 Double CD
Andrew E Bastos Daw 1990-2000      500
Ang Bandang Shirley Theme Songs         500
Angeli Domini Choir Christmas for All
Master Angel Matias Pena, Ugnayan Musika Natin
Angeline Quinto sings Themes from Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon
Anja Aguilar s/t       250
Anna X
Anne Curtis Annebisyosa       350
Anthony Castelo Mahal Kita          250
Anthony Castelo 18 Greatest Hits         350     
Anthony Castelo Vicor Music 40th Anniversary
Anthony Castelo Hanggang Ngayon 25 Silver Anniversary Album
Anthony Castelo Nang Dahil sa Pag-ibig Special Collectors Edition
Anton Alvarez 100% Heart      250
Anton Diva s/t         350
Antonio Buenaventura The Music of, Heritage (Musika Natin)
Kami nApo Muna Ulit 2-Disc
Kami nApo Muna 2-Disc
APO The Ultimate Gift Collection 4-Disc        1500
APO Hiking Society Dalawampunaposila Live (2-Disc)…………………….SOLD!!!
Apo Hiking Society 18 Greatest Hits          350
Apo Hiking Society Collection
Apolinario Hiking Society In Concert #$%*!? 2-Disc 40th Anniversary      500
April My Music, My Soul, My Time      
April Boys Megahits        350
April Boys (Vingo & Jimmy) Oo at Hindi      
April Boys Vingo & Jimmy Tanging Hiling sa Pasko       350
April Boy Regino & JC Regino Idol Star       350
April Boy Regino Ang Tunay na Idol       
Ara Mina Moving On     
Ara Mina Heavenly
Ara Muna Mekeni O Jo       
Arianne Aldecoa         250
Armida Siguion Reyna Aawitan Kita Heritage Series
Arnee Hidalgo You Got It All
Arnee Cold Summer Nights         350
Arnel Pineda s/t
Aryana & Buko Pie Ako ang Nauna    
Aryana self titled album      
Asin Greatest Hits Gift Box 3-Disc Collection
Asin s/t       450
Asin Himig ng Pag-ibig         450
Asin Sinta Himig Kayumanggi 2        450
Asin Himig Kayumanggi       450
Asin Pag-ibig, Pagbabago, Pagpapatuloy        450
Ato Gift of Christmas The Blind Pianist       350
Aya Yuson Angel Song
Ayen Miss Kita Kung Christmas         350
Ayen s/t
Baby M
Bamboo No Water No Moon (Signed CD)
Bamboo No Water No Moon First Pressed
Bamboo We Stand Alone Together Penshoppe Promo CD       Php1500
Bamboo Light Peace Love    
Barbie Almalbis Rocks The Dome
Barbie Almalbis The Singles CD+VCD            650
Barbie Forteza s/t Autographed CD
Barbies Cradle Playing In The Fields       
Basil Valdez The First Christmas
Basil Valdez, Anthony Castelo & Ric Segreto Once Again Vol.2
Basil Valdez & George Canseco The Legends Best
Basil S. Valdez Album       350
Basil Valdez 54 Gift Box 3-Disc Collection………....sold
Basil Valdez The Filipino Classics w/the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra & Ryan Cayabyab     500
Basil Valdez Silver Series
Basil Valdez Corner of the Sky Re-Issue Series      450
Basil s/t Re-Issue Series
Basil Valdez Ngayon at Kailanman Special Collectors Edition
Basil Valdez Hindi Kita Malilimutan Special Collectors Edition
Basil Valdez Sundin Ang Loob Mo       450
Bayani Agbayani Ito Gusto Mo      
Bayani Agbayani Todo Bigay      
Bea Alonzo The Real Me        450
Bea Benene feat. Ken Chan Dito sa Puso Ko
Bea Benene Hey Its Me!
Bert Nievera Sumasainyo Re-Issue Series        350
Bituin Escalante s/t        350
BJ Forbes Tolits Dance Hits       
Blades s/t
Blakjak May Tama      250   
Blakdyak Bumbay       
Blakdyak’s Tribe Sino Ba?
Blanktape  Unli Jejecall @ Jejetext        250
Blanktape Chika Lang Yon        
Blaze N Kane Last of A Dying Breed          350
The Bloomfields s/t         …………….sold
Blow Rock Manila (feat Diether Ocampo)       
Blue Ketchup Kwento Pop       350
Blussssh s/t      
BNB Bossa Mia Songs of Abba       250
BNB Bossa Down Abbey Road  (Beatles)          250
Bodjie and The Law of Gravity Iba Nang Babae Ngayon               500
Bojo Molina Bojo     
Bonggo Lets Celebrate 2-Disc
Bonggo Deep Inside My Mind
Bonggo Fighting for Excellence
Bong Penera The Best of Samba Ritmo        250
Bong Penera s/t Re-Issue Series
Bong Penera Batucada sa Kalesa Re-Issue Series
Bo Sanchez and Friends Heavenly Music 3-Disc
Boy2 Byaheng Reggae           350
Boy Abunda Love Life      
Boys Night Out s/t     
Boy Sullivan Haring Solomon Special Collectors Edition       450
Brenan Espartinez s/t
Brenan Michael & Charmaine BMC        350
Brix Released (of South Border )     Php1000
The Brownbeat All Stars       500
Brownian Method Ang Pagbabalik sa mga Tabian        350
Buddy Greco MacArthur Park    
Calayan Duets with The Icons
Callalily Flower Power     
Callalily Fisheye       
Cambio Derby Light               500
Candles s/t
Carla Castelo Hooked On Our Love       250
Carla Martinez Full Circle
Carlo Laserna s/t     
Carlo Lopez s/t      
Carmen Pinky Valdes and Joey Albert Sandal Wood
Carol Banawa My Music My Life        500
Cecile Azarcon Masterpieces Piano Collection
Celeste s/t 40th Anniversary
Celeste Legaspi Ako at si Celeste Re-Issue Series       450
Cesar Manalili The Guitar Wizard
Cesar Montano s/t              350
The Cercados s/t ( 4th Impact)      500
Chad Borja Ikaw Lang sa Habang Buhay       350
Chad Peralta        
Champagne (Morales) Rekindle        
Charice Infinity        350
Charice s/t Special Edition       500
Charice Pempengco s/t          350
Charice Pempengco Double Album Gift Pack 2-Disc       1500
Charlie Green A Friend Like You     250
Charlie Green Rainbow       250
Charlie Green s/t        
Check s/t         
Cheese The Complete Collection CD+VCD
Cherry Cornflakes Calorie Free
Cheska Cd Lite        250    
Chicosci This is Not A Record………………………….sold
Chicosci Fly Blackhearts      ……………………………sold
Chicosci Best        …………………………………………………………SOLD!!!
Chicser 2nd Version       
Chicser 1st Version        
Cholo Escano Cholo     
Chris Cayser The Only Thing
Chris Cayzer s/t
Christian Bautista Soundtrack Tin Can Edition ………………………………..SOLD!!!      
Christian Bautista X Plus      350
Christian Bautista First Class Outbound Book Edition       1500
Christian Bautista First Class Outbound Expanded Edition      850
Christian Bautista Outbound First Pressed………………………………………………SOLD!!!
Christian Bautista A Wonderful Christmas Promo CD1 (Dunkin Donuts)    650
Christian Bautista A Wonderful Christmas Promo CD2 (Blackwater  Spray Cologne)    650
Christian Bautista Romance Revisited Promo Mini CD (Blackwater Spray Cologne)     650
Christian Bautista Romance Revisited Special Collectors Edition CD+Minus One+ Photo Calendar   1000
Christian Bautista The Platinum Collection     650
Christian Bautista Live 2-Disc Special Christmas Slipcase Edition      500
Christian Bautista Completely       350
Christian Bautista Completely Booklet Edition (near MINT condition)      850
Christian Bautista s/t Limited Edition 2-Disc         500
Christine Love Happy        250    
Christopher de Leon Mga Awit Pelikula ni
Chris Tsuper & Nicole Hyala D’ Pinaka Nakakalurkei Na Album      
Chris Tsuper & Nicole Hyala D’ Mas Nakakalurkei Na Album      
Chris Tsuper & Nicole Hyala D’ Nakakalurkei Na Album      
Ciara Sotto The Way of Love
Ciara Sotto Ciara
Cinderella Bossa Nova Collection       250
Cinderella s/t Double CD……………………………………………………….SOLD!!!
Cinderella T.L. Ako Sa Yo       …………….….sold
Claire Dela Fuente The Christmas Album  (digipack)
Claire Dela Fuente The Christmas Album (jewel case)
Claire dela Fuente Timeless Songs of My Life CD + Minus One      500
Claire dela Fuente Something In Your Eyes              350
Class of Six
Color It Red s/t          
The Company The Definitive Collection 2-Disc
The Company Christmas Company
The Company Lighthearted OPM       350
The Company Lighthearted Part 2     350
The Company Lighthearted         350
The Company Group Hug      250
The Company Destination Bossa        350
The Company The 2 In 1 Series 2-Disc
The Company The Anthology CD+VCD      500
The Company Live at The CCP CD+VCD        650
The Company The Christmas Album       250
The Company Mahal kong Radyo
The Company Storybook        500
Corazon Aquino A Memorial Tribute Soundtrack       650
Coritha Ang Musika ni       450
Cover Me Quick Mga Kantang Galing sa loob ng Kwarto Ko       350
Craeons Non Toxic Version 2    
Craeons Non Toxic Version 1    
Cris Villonco s/t        500
Cueshe Back to Me Repackaged Edition
Dagtang Lason Bagsakan Nato        250
Daisy Reyes s/t
Dale Ibay Carpe Diem…Someday
Dandin Ranillo Fiesta
Dandin Ranillo Cebu Re-Issue Series
Danica Sotto Danica
Danica Sotto Fragile Heart
Daniel Padilla I Heart You KFC Edition
Daniel Padilla DJP KFC Streetwise Edition
Daniel Padilla DJP    
Dannieboi Soundtrip      250
Darren Espanto The Early Years     
Dar Wager The Debut Album
Davey Mad About Acoustic 2       250
Davey Langit & Raffi Quijano Acoustic Duets Love x2          350
Davey Mad About Acoustic      250
The Dawn Tulad ng Dati The 20th Anniversary CD+AVCD      Php3500
Dennis Trillo s/t (feat Regine Velasquez)      
Dexter Puso sa Puso
Dianne Elise Committed            
Dianne Elise Now & Then       
Dice & K9 Mobbstarr Tha Journey Double Disc Edition       
Dice and K9 Mobbstarr
Didith Reyes, Geraldine & Imelda Papin Once Again Vol.4
Didith Reyes 18 Greatest Hits       350
Didith s/t Re-Issue Series
Dimsum s/t        
Dingdong Avanzado Download         350
Dingdong Dantes The Experience Goldilocks CD Version
Dingdong Dantes The Experience CD+VCD      350
Dingdong Dantes The Experience CD+DVD       500
DJ Arbie Won presents United Freestyles V2.0 feat Francis M
DJ Coki Dongalo Remixes       Php1000
Dolphy Quizon Handog ni Pidol
Dong Abay Flipino……………………………………..sold
Donna Cruz Silver Series       ………………………………………………SOLD!!!
Donna Cruz Merry Christmas      500
Donnalyn Bartolome Kakaibabe
Drizzle Love Without Magic
Drizzle Personal       250
Dulce, Ivy Violan and Janet Basco Anthology
Dulce Maalaala Mo Kaya Special Collectors Edition      450
Dulce s/t Re-Issue Series        450
Duncan Ramos (South Border) Galawgaw
Ebe Dancel Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig 2-Disc        650
Eddie Gil Pinoy Idol       
Eddie K Silver Series
Eddie Munji III Pinoy Jazz Volume 1 A Filipino Jazz Album       350
Eddie Peregrina & the Blinkers Encore
Eddie Peregrina Greatest Hits Gift Box 2-Disc Collection      650
Eddie Peregrina What Am I Living For Special Collectors Edition
Eddie Peregrina Memories of Our Dreams Special Collectors Edition      350
Eddie Peregrina Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan Special Collectors Edition
Eddie Peregrina Send Someone to Love Me Special Collectors Edition
Eddie Peregrina Christmas Album      350
Eddie Peregrina Memories (3-Disc Boxset)
Edgar Mortiz Edgar 2-Disc 40th Anniversary        650
Edu Manzano Dance of the Universe       
Edu Manzano Worlds Greatest Dance Steps with Bonus Tracks     
Edu Manzano Worlds Greatest Dance Steps      
Eevee Paramdam Version 2        
Eevee Paramdam Version 1         350
Eileen Sison & Guarana Musica Brasileira         250
Elaine s/t (Maricar De Mesa)
Ella May Silver Series       350
Ella May Saison Soulful       
Ella May Saison May Saison The Best of       350
Ely Buendia Wanted Bedspacer
Emmanuelle s/t       
Emy Munji My First 70 Years         650
Enrique Gil King of the Gil      350
Eraserheads Sabado/1995 EP with Esquire Magazine
Eraserheads Tribute Album The Reunion OST
Eraserheads CarbonSterioxide First Pressed with Gold Hologram Sticker 2-Disc    ……..sold
Eric Dimson at The Organ Christmastime
Erik Santos All I Want This Christmas Slipcase Edition
Erik Santos All I Want This Christmas Booklet Edition
Erik Santos All I Wanted This Christmas First Pressed (jewel case)
Erik Santos Your Love       
Erik Santos Loving You Now
Erik Santos Ill Never Go       
Erik Santos and DNA Iniwan
Ethel Booba Mr Wow         
Eurasia s/t        250
Eva Eugenio Jukebox Diva CD+Minus One
Eva Eugenio Jukebox Diva
Eva Eugenio The Ultimate OPM Collection The Story of      
Even s/t      
Eyescream Memories       350
Faith Cuneta A Twist of Faith
Faith Cuneta Faith Begins The Live Album         450
Faith Cuneta Pangarap Signed CD
Fatima Soriano Visions       
Fat Session s/t      250
Felix Bakat aka Jhego       250
Felix Bakat aka Jhego Noypi
First Circle Natural Reaction
Flip Music #One       350
Florante 18 Greatest Hits       350
Florante Ako’y Pinoy       350
Francis Magalona & Ely Buendia In Love and War       1500
Francis Magalona 3-Disc Boxset          1500
Francis Magalona Meron Akong Ano        350 
Francis Magalona Rap is Francis M         350
Francis M Yo!      350
Francis M The Best of Francis M (Sony Music) NM        1000
Francis Magalona The Ultimate Francis M Minus One Collection
Francis M The Ultimate OPM Collection with Slipcase       650       
Francis M The Ultimate OPM Collection        500
Freddie Aguilar Ipaglalaban Ko
Freddie Aguilar 18 Greatest Hits         500
Freddie Aguilar Anak Special Collectors Edition
Fred Panopio Pitong Gatang
Fred Panopio Kawawang Cowboy Special Collectors Edition
Freestyle Playlist            350
Freestyle 18 Greatest Hits      ………………………………………………………………….SOLD!!!
Freestyle Back At The Yard        350
Freestyle Live @ 19th East       ……………………………………………………SOLD!!!
Freestyle Greatest Hits
Freestyle Once In A Lifetime       350
Freestyle I Wanna Get Close       350
Freestyle This Time        350
Frencesca Farr & Geoff Taylor Are You the Next Big Star      
Frencheska Farr Inside My Heart       350
Gabby Concepcion s/t         
Gabby Eigenmann Sa Di Kalayuan     
Gary Valenciano All-Star Tribute Collection 2-Disc        850
Gary Valenciano Relevance Repackaged Edition
Gary Valenciano Rebirth
Gary Valenciano One2One       350
Gary V Silver Series Duets       500
Gary Valenciano The Blackgold Box 3-Disc
Gary Valenciano Di Na Natuto Special Collectors Edition  Second Pressed
Gary Valenciano Di Na Natuto Special Collectors Edition  First Pressed
Gary Valenciano Paano Special Collectors Edition         
Gary Valenciano s/t Re-Issue Series
Gayuma Hipnotismo         350
General Luna Different Corners
General Luna s/t        350
Genesis (Patricia Javier) Songs From My Heart
George Canseco works (original artists)         350
George Canseco Movie Themes by 2-Disc 40th Anniversary        500
George Canseco A Tribute To Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan 2-Disc       500
George Canseco Masterpieces Piano Collection       350
Gerald Anderson Noodle Dance       250    
Gerald Anderson Dance Picks       
Geraldine Umiibig Ako Re-Issue Series
Gerald Santos A Day on the Rainbow       
Gerry Paraiso Silver Series
Gilbert Golez One Day Heartache      
Gino Padilla Let Me Be the One      
Gino Padilla Hands of Time    
Glaiza De Castro Glaiza
Glen Russ on Piano, In Focus: 88 Keys Acoustic Requests
Gloc 9 Byahe ng Pangarap         
Gloc 9 Byahe ng Pangarap CD+DVD        650
Gloc 9 Byahe ng Pangarap CD+DVD Version 2       650
Gloc-9 Lihim at Liham        
Gloc-9 MKNM Mga Kwento ng Makata            
Gretchen Barretto Complicated       500
Gretchen Barretto Unexpected
Gretchen Espina Shining Through       
Grin Department Miss U EP        500
Guadings Pare Pa-kiss
Guarana Spirit of Samba
Hagibis Katawan         450
Hajji Alejandro 18 Greatest Hits          450
Hajji Alejandro Collection      350
Hale Kundiman                     
Hale Above, Over and Beyond       
Happy Pill Tsirit Tsit Tsit        250
Hardboiledegg2 Lunar       350
Harry Corpuz & Singers Puro Love Song Album
Harry Corpuz & Singers Puro Disco Album
Harry Corpuz & Singers Zarzuela Album
Harry Corpuz & Singers Novelty Album
Harry Corpuz & Singers The Best of Ilocano Medley
Harry Corpuz & Singers Christmas Album
Hi-Fi Indios Out from the Ashes      350
Hilera Nut House         
Hilera s/t                 
Homegrown Hiphop       350
Homegrown Hiphop Autographed CD
Hotdog Inspiration Everybody Needs One       450

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